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Anton Volunteer

Fire Department

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25 Years of Service

to the Community

 For Fire and other Emergencies


The Anton Volunteer Fire Department has 21 Volunteers

Serving a 50 square mile area in Hopkins County Kentucky.

The Anton Volunteer Fire Department has 2 Pumper Trucks

And 2 Tanker Trucks to transport water to the scene of an

Emergency. We are located at 180 Hicklin Road in Anton.

Things to know when your house catches on Fire!

· If your house catches fire and it is safe to do so, close all doors and windows, inside and out. This will help smother the fire until the fire department arrives to put it out. Remember, fire needs oxygen to burn. Additionally, closed off rooms will suffer less damage, if any at all.

· If your house catches fire and you are trapped by it, don't panic. Go to a room furthest from the fire and close the door behind you. Put a towel or clothing at the bottom of the door and stay low to the floor. Open a window to escape but only do so if the door is closed behind you. Remember, fire needs oxygen to burn and if you open a window with the door open, fire will move towards the oxygen and may burn you while you are trying to escape.

· Make sure you have a plan of escape for at least two routes out of any room in your house. In most cases one will be a door and the other a window. Make sure your windows operate properly so that they can be opened in an emergency. Many windows get painted shut and will not open.

· Install at least two smoke detectors in your home, one on either end of the house, and at least one on every floor (story). Change the battery annually at a set time every year. Remember to test your smoke detector weekly.



· If fire occurs and your smoke detector goes off, check on your small children. Studies have shown that many small children will not wake up when a smoke detector goes off.

· Put valuables in a fireproof safe in the lowest portion of your home. Temperatures at the higher levels in a room can reach 1500 - 2000 degrees and will melt most fire resistant safes. Lower portions tend to stay in the 500 - 1000 degree range.

· Upon leaving your home account for everyone who was in there and report missing persons to the Fire Department immediately upon their arrival. Or if possible phone 911 and tell the dispatcher that there are possibly trapped persons inside so that they can notify the responding department before they get there. DO NOT GO BACK INTO THE BURNING STRUCTURE. Firefighters are trained and have the equipment to survive in a burning building. Going into a burning structure without the proper equipment is suicide.

· Once you are safely outside your home, phone 911 and report the fire. DO NOT GO BACK INTO THE STRUCTURE TO DO SO. Go to a neighbor's house or use a cell phone. In most cases if a structure has been burning long enough the phones will not work anyway.

· If you smell smoke and can't find the fire, Call 911 immediately. The fire department personnel are trained to find small un-seen fires, and have special equipment to detect fires in the wall or the concealed spaces of a structure. After you call 911, evacuate you home immediately and wait for the fire department to arrive. In most cases small fires can be taken care of quickly with little or no damage to the structure, but if you delay in calling the fire department, the home could be a total loss in a matter of minutes. Don't forget to close all doors and windows when evacuating for reasons previously stated.


Robert "Bob" Newman, Chief

Donny Johnson, Assistant Chief

William "Danny" Simons, Instructor II

Mark Boaz, Instructor II

Freddie Phelps, Safety Officer

J.W. Cotton, Major

Ronnie Vickery, Captain

Lisa Johnson, Lieutenant

Dwight "Jardo" Browning, Treasurer

Joseph Johnson, Firefighter

Amanda Wright, Secretary

Jimmy Young, Firefighter

Jonathan Young, Firefighter

Pearl Vickery, Firefighter

Judy Vickery, Firefighter

Tim Vickery, Firefighter

William "Pete" Hook, Firefighter

Tommy Crockett, Firefighter II

Samantha Clark, Recruit

Richard Fulkerson, Recruit

Daniel Rowland, Recruit

There is always room for (1) one more!

If you would like to volunteer, contact Chief Bob Newman

@ (270) 821-8236 or e-mail us at the site below!


Our Extrication Tools have arrived!



Thank You Again FEMA!

Schedule of Upcoming Events

Board Meeting first Monday of every month at 7:00 PM

Training Saturday April 21st at 5:30 PM Dinner Provided

Water Supply Training, Earlington FD April 28th @ 8:30 AM

Firefighting Meeting May 6th @ 2:00 PM


Trailer Fire Casner Road August 2006






Grain Dryer Fire, Cedar Lane

Firefighter Joe Johnson 40 foot off ground with foam

The grain elevator Exploded!!!



2007 International Pumper / Tanker

Engine / Tanker 300


1984 Mack Pumper (Purchased 2002)

Engine Company 301

"IN GOD WE TRUST" our lives to…


Tanker Company 302

1971 International Loadstar 1700 with 1,100 Gallons of Water

Loaned by the Kentucky Division of Forestry

Tanker 303

2001 International 1,200 gallon tank

Service Company / Rescue 304

1980 Chevy Suburban (Extrication Tools Truck)

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God Bless America!